I'm a freshman and he's a senior. Does this guy like me?

A while ago I told my crush I was going to fallback if he kept ignoring me. And he responded by saying "really fallback really?" In my opinion I'd say this if I was upset my crush told me this. Then the next day he said he wasn't responsible for me getting hurt, and to not get attached and to get out of my feelings. I lied I didn't like him and after he started taking forever to reply. And he wouldn't keep the conversation going like usual.
He still stares at me and stuff but he never msgd me back since I lied I didn't like him. Unless I message him then he'll answer. About a week ago he asked if I had any crushes and I said no and returned the question. He said "I can't I'm a senior I have to stay focused on school. " So is this why he told me to not get attached because he thinks I'll be a distraction?
Some things he told me:
- I was decently good looking
- I was brave, funny and smart
- sent a kissy face
- asked what about him bothered me and that he'd fix it
- when we hung out it was for almost 3 hrs
- asked if we could hug instead of just greeting each other w/ a hi
- I'm also pretty sure he was trying to take pictures of me
I'm a freshman and he's a senior. Does this guy like me?
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