Urgh!! Is she being friendly or is she flirting with me?

So I know this wonderful and gorgeous girl for almost 3 months now because of an organization we are a part at my school. I would love to ask her out but I want to know if she have some sort of interest in me first before I muster up some courage to ask her out. The problem I am having is differentiating whether or not she is being friendly to me or is she actually flirting with me!! So I broke down her actions and behavior into 2 catorgories: flirting and friendly

She would choose to talk to me rather than some of the other members
She asked a singer to sing a song about us because it was karaoke night
She laughs at my jokes and funny comments
She gets excited when I ask if I can join/help her with a task

There is another guy in our club that she know for quite some time that she tease with a lot.
She is really a friendly person
When her friends are present she would interact with me less
But mainly its because she just a nice and friendly person
Being Friendly
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Flirting with me
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Urgh!! Is she being friendly or is she flirting with me?
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