How do I get this guy to text me again?

This guy I talked to for a couple of weeks hasn't texted me back in 6 days and I want him to talk to me again. We have also hung out twice but he works a lot so he is always busy. The few times we hung out were great and we had a really good time together. Also when we first started talking he told me that he was looking for a relationship and at the time I didn't want a relationship which I told him but he still wanted to talk to me. After I while I started developing feelings for him and I want to date him. I feel like he probably still thinks I don't want a relationship which is part of the reason why he stopped texting me. I want to tellhim that I want to date him, but he won't answer my texts. I know not to harass him with texts so I'm waiting a week or two before I text him again. What should I say to him when I finally do text him that won't come off as desperate or needy. How can i respark his interest in me? Please help I really want to be in a relationship with him.
How do I get this guy to text me again?
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