Have you ever accidentally led someone on?

So weve been friends for quite some time now, and he's always had a crush on Me. I had a small crush on him in the Beginning. Unill i found how how annoyingly nice he was. Always apologizing for stupid stuff. Always talking about how great i am. And how great we cld be. But I don't know. I feel like were SUCH good friends. But im not interested into him like he is me. Its just a crush. After like 1 year of strictly friendship he kissed me. And i kissed him back. It felt so right. But i was drunk. and that's when he decided we had a future together. But the next day i kissed him.. sober.. and it felt like i was kissing my brother 😫
+1 y
Well i did tell him how i felt. Like it felt weird kissing him when i wasn't drunk. i also told him i thought we shld slow down. And he's like "id wait forever for you " like... I don't know what the future holds between Us. But as of RIGHT now... im confused.
Have you ever accidentally led someone on?
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