What do you think of this unusual promposal idea?

So there's this girl who sits beside me in class. We're pretty good friends, not dating or anything, but we text, talk, laugh, etc... Prom is coming up, and she does not have a prom date, so I wanna take a shot. I'm planning to bike to her house (I was invited to a party to her house a while ago, so I know where it is), leave a rose, and a really cheezy letter under her door. The letter will say this poem:

"Wow, you must be fluroine, iodine, and neon, because damn, girl. You are fine.

Excuse my sciences jokes but I gotta tell ya, I got my Ion you!

While writing you this mushy poem of mine,

I hope to dance with you this upcoming night through

Under the nightly stars that are no match in brightness to your eyes.

And as I wait for an answer, it's hard to be calm,

As a I wait, to my question, for a reply.

Would you like to go with me to the prom?

-The one who sits beside you in chem class (My Name)"

What do you guys think? She is a friend after all, and I don't wanna creep her out. I've only known her for about a month, but we often hang out in a group of friends. I'll be biking by her house, I'll text her that there is something on the ground in front of her door, and I'll hope she goes to see it. Any opinions on this idea? Any criticism on the cheezy poem? Thanks! :D
What do you think of this unusual promposal idea?
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