Feelings towards a fellow housemate?

I currently live with a girl in my shared accomodation. Now I'm not head over heels in love with her, but none the less I do quite fancy her ;). She seemed pretty down to earth when I first met her a few months back. Now we've had a couple of nights in the pub and had a laugh over a couple of drinks. Although I appreciate that's a fairly normal thing to do with a housemate. We have been to the cinema as well, and all seemed to be going well (I thought).

I know she isn't in a relationship as she told me this, and she seemed to open up quite a bit about relationships and what she likes in a guy.

But lately when I've suggested it, she's either been too busy or declined. She did invite me out with her on her birthday and she's invited me out this weekend with some friends. Now I don't think I'm that stupid for thinking she's trying to give me some subtle signs that she's not interested in me am I lol?

I know most people have a rule where they won't date a housemate or colleague, but I don't see what could be so bad, if it don't work out then it don't work out, no what I mean? :)

So my question to you lovely mofos is, is this girl possibly interested or am I just wasting my time?
Much help would be greatly appreciated :) Anyone else ever been in a similar situation?

Peace out yo!
Feelings towards a fellow housemate?
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