She keeps bringing up OTHER GUY?

I've been talking to this girl for about 3 weeks now, and I've set up a a couple dates but she's been flaky. I call her and we talk on the phone, and also text throughout the days. When we were texting a couple days ago, and I asked her what she likes to do when she has free time.
She brought up this friends with benefits guy that lives in another state that she used to hang out with on her free time. Then she was like "but we dont talk anymore" I figured that was a test to see if i'd get jealous, so I said "thats cool." Then after, she began to list the actual activities and things she likes to do. Now 2 days later, we were talking on the phone talking about dieting and "the body" she wants, then she brought up that guy again… she was like, "Im guessing when he (fwb) comes back, he'd want me to look different and have that body"…. In my head i was like wtf, i thought they dont talk anymore. I was going to say something about that, but I played it off like I dont care, and I changed the subject….

What do you guys think is going on here? Is she really waiting for that dude to come back so they can be friends with benefits again?…. What should I do, help me out here
She keeps bringing up OTHER GUY?
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