How can a girl know if a guy is just testing the waters but not necessarily he likes her?

I met a guy during a trip 2 weeks ago. He is my cousin best friend. He is 42 years old, divorced no kids and single. We got along well we talked during a moment for a long time and he told me many things about himself and he also asked things about mine too. He seem like a nice guy, he is good looking, he surfs, he trains and work out. When we had to say good nite and we were alone at that time. We hugged each other to say good nite and we gave a kiss on the cheek for the good nite thng. Then when I was pulling away to head to my place to go to sleep after the cheek kiss, he gave me a kiss on the mouth it was something sudden and I was not expecting that kiss, he was the one who kiss my mouth. He thanked me that nite for a good company.

Then we exchange phone numbers and then I asked him days after the trip if we could grab a lunch and jog after my aerobics classes on a Sunday and he said yes. I mean the guy seem like a nice guyt and I want to get to know him more in order to find out if he likes me at least or he and I can be only friends I mean I have to try to know him more to know.

Then I told my story to a male friend and he told me blunt: Ohh no, a man who values a girl do not do what that guy did. kiss your mouth because that means he only wants to get u in bed and have sex of course he won't tell you directly because otherwise he does not want to scare you but he is not tht man for you, cause he wants sex and I bet he fools around with other women. This is the opinion of a male friend I told what happened during the trip and that is his assumption of the guy I met, even if this guy does not even know him, but he is generalizing he wants sex pure and simple and this coming from a guy.

Now Im confused.
Do all male really only think in terms of sex when they meet a girl for the first time, knowing they are visual creatures?
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Why they behave like that?
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How can a girl know if a guy is just testing the waters but not necessarily he likes her?
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