Never had a girlfriend, feeling like a loser. Need advice?

I have no romantic or intimacy experience whatsoever. I've never had a romantic partner, sex, kissed a girl, held hands. You name it, I have not done it. Society frowns upon virgins, particularly if they're male and it goes without saying I feel like an idiot and a loser. I feel I am less of a man if I haven't had a girlfriend or sex by this time in my life (I'm 25). I could never tell my friends that I have this problem, they would judge me and ridicule me.

I guess you could call me a nice, sensative guy. Girls just never seem to be interested in me and they always see me as nothing more than a friend. I do get nervous around girls I feel attracted to and I'm not exactly the social type but around women in normal situations I'm not nervous or timid. I've had many, many crushes over the years but the girls I like are always either taken already or I know they would never want to date me anyway so I don't bother asking them out on dates. I tried internet dating, even went to a few speed dating groups. Nothing!

A few months ago a friend of mine knew a newly single girl and organized a date for the both of us. She was really nice and quite attractive. The date went great. I was barely nervous. Conversation came easy. So easy in fact, she felt like she was talking to a long time friend, which in her mind meant there was no spark between us and she said she did'nt want to see me again. So yeah, I'm feeling really bad about myself. Even when a girl really likes me she doesn't want a relationship with me.

I have to admit, after years of rejection, recently I kind of snapped. I've been down in the dumps and in a very, very dark place. This might sound rash to say but at one point I've even considered suicide over this issue. There have been many tears shed. I just want to experience, love and intimacy, you know? I know it's a pathetic reason to be depressed about but it's not normal for someone my age to not have experience. It's getting to the stage where I feel it's too late for love and no girl will ever give me a chance.

Never had a girlfriend, feeling like a loser. Need advice?
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