How to get a girl's attention?

Hi, im 16 years old and in high school. There are some girls in school who i like (i know a bit about them of how they act in class etc.). Now, i dont talk to them a lot. In fact, i barely talk to girls at all.
I'd like to talk to those girls. But i can't just walk up to them and talk to them. Its way easier for me if i make eye contact with them first, so i actually get their attention, and then its easy to walk over to that particular girl.

So my questions are:
1) Is this a good idea (of making them noticing me (getting their attention) first)?
2) And what are some ways to do this?

I though of this: ill throw glances at a girl (ill look at her for about 2 seconds), and wait a bit in between those glances. Now, when they notice me looking at them, they'll look at me aswell, then ill look away almost immediately and they will wonder what happened kind of. Then ill smile and look back at them, and bam! I've gotten their attention.
3) Does my strategy thing work?

Thanks for reading :)
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How to get a girl's attention?
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