What is going on between us? Does he like me? What should I do?

We've been talking for awhile and by talking I mean texting back and forth. We talk pretty much everyday. My friend use to like him (over it now) and he showed interest in me by saying stuff like "where's (my name)" and talking about me to her. This was before we started texting.
Now, we tell eachother everything. He is reserved and quiet and I show him new things. If someone is mean or rude to me, he gets super mad. A teacher hates me for no exact reason and he absolutely despises her now. When we are around a bunch of people, he gravitates towards me. I don't know if this is because he likes me or because he feels comfortable around me.
He tells me all the time how chill and laid back I am and how much he likes that because I'm drama-free. Also, when he describes his ideal girl (dark blonde hair, large brown eyes, tallish) it is exactly me. He has also pointed out that I have these traits. I'm so confused though because there is this girl who has liked him for over a year. Their parents know eachother and want them to date. He has told me that he is incredibly annoyed by her perusing her but now he is saying he might date her, except his friends don't like her. Whenever we talk he will bring up how she keeps perusing him and what she did today to try to get with him. I'm currently very confused. I don't know if he is trying to make me jealous or what. I really want him to stop playing with my emotions. I need your honest opinion on whether he is interested in me or not and what I should do to get him to initiate the relationship between us without making it obvious. Thanks.
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What is going on between us? Does he like me? What should I do?
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