Will there still be a spark? Do I still have a shot?

I met this girl on a social sports team in the fall. We played 4-5 games together and would go out to a bar with the team after games. Toward the end of the season, she seemed to show some interest toward me (touching my arm, smiling a lot more, joking with me, making sure I was playing the next game / season, etc).

We signed up for a league over the winter, but she got a new job where she was constantly busy/traveling and couldn't make it to any games. We've texted a few times about the league and she's given lengthy responses, but no obvious signs of interest. Now we're signed up for a spring league and it sounds like she'll be able to come to more games.

So, ~5 months since the last time I've seen her, what are the chances there will still be a spark with us? If I didn't make my interest obvious enough to her, would she have moved on already? Sounds like she's still single and has been crazy busy if that helps...
Will there still be a spark? Do I still have a shot?
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