Does he genuine likes me?

He's flirty in general. So its hard to really tell if he is genuinely interested. I know I make him nervous because he told me so. He asked me out several times in the past 3 months but I've only went out once with him recently. We agree its only going to be a casual hang out though he did pay for dinner and pick me up from home. I offered to pay him back but he refused. He turn his phone off the whole night he was with me. He never try to be inappropriate with me. Overall, he's been a gentleman. Well, the thing is he said we should just be friends for now and casually catch up as he didn't want to disappoint me. I've never chase him and although I like him I just don't think he is bf materials. I told him being friends is probably the best. He always hug and give me a kiss on my cheek everytime we meet and leave. I find that a bit abnormal as me and my other guy friends dont hug and kiss everytime we meet. Any thought guys?
Does he genuine likes me?
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