Guy friend or Boyfriend?

My best guy friend in college means everything to me. He knows everything about me and is always there for me through the good times and the bad (as am I for him). We get along so well, and he's an amazingly loyal friend. We've been stuck in a bit of a "flirtationship" for months now, and blurred a lot of the lines between friends and more than friends.
Last winter, we tried to have kind of a DTR/friendship conversation, but everything kind of came out wrong. Neither of us are good about confessing true feelings. We gave each other space, and now are closer than ever friend wise.
It's just hard because we're obviously flirting with each other all the time, but it's just become our norm. Sometimes I talk to him about other guys, but I feel weird about it. I love cuddling with him, teasing him, having tickle fights, talking about life and holding his hand, and I feel like if I ever had a boyfriend, that would all have to stop for obvious reasons
It's not like we're intentionally doing it to be a "more than friends" type thing right now, I just feel like it boarders that a lot. It's also that maybe neither of us are quite ready for a relationship. It's so hard to tell.
We compare each other to our siblings all the time, but then again, I don't cuddle and hold hands with my brother... so it's confusing. I feel like I love him like family and he makes me feel safe. I would never want to lose him, but it just seems like there's something lingering that's telling me maybe we're supposed to be more.
We're almost done with school, and I'm going to miss having him down the hall while we're back home for the summer, but he only lives an hour away. We'll definitely be getting together and keeping in touch over the summer. I just love him a lot, as a friend, he's so special to me, I don't know what to do.
I also got really jealous when he liked someone else (she's dating someone else now so it's okay haha) but still. I feel like if he were just a friend I shouldn't be
Guy friend or Boyfriend?
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