I want to make out and kiss this guy but not really misbehave as he mentioned me?

I like this guy I met some weeks ago. It seems he likes me for the things he said, but of course he has not told me he likes me directly. He and I are grown up he had been married before but now is divorced. I have never been married before and let say do not have that much experience in dating guys so im new to all of this. I do not want to regret if I do something cause hello!!! im an adult and i should be more responsible for my actions than a teenager. The thing is that this guy told me tat why dont we hang out one day and I told him Sure. Then he added. Are we going to misbehave? I do not know if he was teasing or really meant it. I mean im afraid that what he wants is sex cause he find me attractive and liked me very much. When we met the first time was 3 weeks ago, but one day was enough for me to know him many things about him, because he told me about his life with so much ease and comfortt like we had known before.

I do want to know him more and I do not mind the making out if that happens eventually when we see each other again that is normal between 2 people who like each otehr or are attracted to each other, but since he is a guy, well guys think differently than women, Im afraid that then he wants toi pursue more knowing what he told me that if we are going to misbehave. I do not want to sound like a prude cause im an adult and I suppose to know what I want but I dont want to act like a child either in front of him. and he may think to himself something like " I expected more of a woman"
I want to make out and kiss this guy but not really misbehave as he mentioned me?
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