So there's two types of assholes. The Asshole and the Fake nice guy. I would think the fake nice guys better... but no?

Apparently I'm the fake nice guy. I'm only nice to girls because I want to sleep with them.

How is this worse than being an out and out asshole. Like what is it about me being an unapologetic dick that is better than me trying to make you happy... for whatever reason. Women try with the asshole, they want it to work. They throw sex at him even though they know what he is. Because I seem nice and approachable though... that's worse and I deserve to be alone?

Like I get that I could still be considered an asshole but why am I the asshole not worthy of getting laid?

Why chose the guy who clearly could not care less about you than the guy who overly cares even if it's all fake. I mean, I didn't even know I was an asshole my entire life. I always thought that if you want good things to happen you do good things forst. Social contract and all.

I thought that if you made a girl happy enough she would want to have sex with you. Is that really that creepy? What is it about me doing what you want that makes me not be what you want. If a girl did everything I want... I would want her. Like, is this not obvious?

It seems so simple. Nice people doing helpful things are helpful and improve your life. Assholes being aggressive and impeding your life... are not helpful and as such you should stay away. I don't take baths in shark infested waters and I don't shop at stores where half the food is poisoned. Why would I purposely go out of my way to date a person who doesn't care about me?

Like the logic doesn't seem that complicated on my end, I mean why the hell is anyone nice. Because we don't want everyone else to kill us lol.

I'm so confused.
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Thank you, to everyone who helped me out on this. I could only rank one MHO but you were all useful to me in figuring this out.

I'm a mirror. Without anybody around I basically don't exist. I'm false, tofu... I take the traits of whatevers around. Who could live with that inconsistancy in a partener?

I've never lived any other way though and I'm not sure I ever will be able to. I guess I can't take the emptyness of being alone because when I'm by myself I'm basically nobody.
So there's two types of assholes. The Asshole and the Fake nice guy. I would think the fake nice guys better... but no?
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