How to make this guy like me?

Ok first of all. I know he is not attracted to me. That is why I am asking how to make him like me. I mean as a girl she is attracted to.

One day I got my hands a little bit dirty so I could not reach the phone in my pocket. So he was the only people I knew at that time. But we were not close at all. I just know him. N we never talk before. And I asked for his help, can you take my pictures bcs my hand is dirty. It will be quite awkward for him to get it from my pocket so he used his phone camera instead.

At the end of the day. I asked my pictures from him. There were a lot. Around 30. Woahhhh. He took them from all angles. He said bluetooth. I was like secretly questioning. He did not want to take my number, he rather waited to bluetooth all the 30pics than took my number n sent them on9.

He seems uninterested in girls but i am pretty damn sure he is not gay.
How to make this guy like me?
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