How can I flirt with this older man?

I went to a shop once to have something fixed, and the owner, a man in his early 30s, was very sociable & I ended up spending the day there. At some point I had to run an errand, and he said something like "Make sure you come back, you're keeping me company" so I was amused & flattered. Anyway, I came back& we had a nice conversation about our lives. It's then that the flirting became more obvious: he casually said that if I stayed until the closing time, we could go somewhere for a drink. I was a bit startled but acted very naturally and said I already had plans to meet up with friends for dinner. He was playing music the whole day, and at one point I mentionned a band that I liked and I kid you not, from the moment I said that until I left, all he played were songs by that band haha. I also had brought a book with me. Honestly it's quite the kinky book, about a high school teacher attracted to her students. Anyway, after a while, he asked what my book was about, so I said "it's about this teacher who's into her students" and he asked something like "so this teacher is attracted to her students in what ways? sexually?" and I was like "yeah yeah, sexually" and then he mentioned quite explicitely how he liked these kinds of filthy books and I just agreed, (I'm quite a sexual person, I'm not gonna lie to you). I eventually left and he made me promise I'd come again, and said I had made his day, was his favorite customer etc
This might sound weird but on my way home, I was very intrigued/turned on, I couldn't stop thinking I wanted something to happen. This was probably like 2 months ago, and I didn't have any reason to go back, but today I was thinking about how attractive he was (I'm quite into older guys) and I was just thinking I'd love to go back and see what happens.
But I don't know how to proceed, should I just say I was "in the neighbourhood and stopped by"? What if he doesn't remember me? How do I flirt with him (remember he's about 32)?
How can I flirt with this older man?
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