I'm certain she's flirting. Am I right and how should I respond?

She's a work colleague and the only female among about 15 guys and friendly with all of them.
I'm the relative new guy and she got friendly with me straight away when I first started 8 months ago.
The signs are: very deep and long eye contact while chatting, with very dilated pupils always. Invited back to her place 4 times so far to check out this or that. Nice little card and hugs at Christmas, with the words "happy Christmas with love" on the front. Always stands by me at the start of shift briefing every day. Started touching my upper arm and quickly retracting while chatting. Tells me all about her family gossip and how she babysits the youngsters. Now organised for her best friend to come and see me about keeping her ponies in my field tomorrow. Is she sending her round to check me out? At work we are mostly in different areas and I can almost predict when she will randomly accidently bump in to me for a chat.

There's more but you'll be getting bored. I'm definitely into her, but been enjoying what I perceive to be her attention - which I may have got totally wrong, but my fantasies are nice, and if I push her and get it wrong it'll all come crashing down.

She's kept it up for 8 months and got slowly more flirty and friendly week by week, if flirty is what it is.
She told me she doesn't like texting, but I sent her a sweet one last week praising her big time because she had been getting down at work, and she thanked me and said it almost made her cry. Every time she flirts I respond with something similar and it's definitely not pushing her away, but making her a tiny bit closer each time.
Am I seeing this all right, and any advice or tips would be helpful.
I'm certain she's flirting. Am I right and how should I respond?
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