If he doesn't text first to initiate a conversation, does that mean he's not interested?

what's weird is that when I do text him (I have done this 2-3 times), he texts back instantly. shockingly fast, actually. but he hasn't text me to start a conversation. he's much older than I am, and maybe doesn't think I'm interested in a relationship with him; but I do want to get to know him, at least.

is he not interested or just... isn't thinking about me like I am, him?

thanks guys. =)


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  • He's probably sitting there thinking the same thing, "Man, should I text her or not? would texting her sound too desperate? I did only meet her last night... Should I just sit and wait for her to text me first?"

    Who really knows though, there's a thousand possibilities of how each one of you could be thinking. Last thing you would want to do though is wait too long and miss out on a good opportunity with someone.

    Initiate the conversation if he's shy, and then at least show him your confident in yourself.


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  • Check the first half of this video out, somewhat suggests the making the effort part I'm talking about, scroll down too see the video. Just gotta make the effort and put yourself out there, show your confident =]



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  • its kinda rare for a guy to text first well in my life lol its a nice surprise when it happens but don't hold ur breath men tend to like women to chase them so they wait for you to start a convo. Maybe try and hold of from texting him and c if he texts you first

    • Seriously? I guess maybe they don't text first unless they're all over you. I don't know. I mean, he's a lot older, so I thought if he's interested, he'd text away, so I'm unsure if I should text. also, wouldn't you say that most men like to chase women? and therefore, aren't we supposed to wait for them to start a convo? this is far too difficult. I hate playing games.

    • Well I'm currently talking to this one guy and I used to have to always text him first but then once we started talkign mroe I stopped texting first and he started texting me first ( : soooo first you chase, let go, then let him chase u! I'm not saying its going to work it just really depends on the guy. and I totally agree with the games thing I so hate it! men just need to b clear with their intentions

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