I like his friend. Is this wrong?

OK so I met this guy at a camp and I liked him and he liked me too. We met up a few times to hangout but we lived like an hour away. We hugged and cuddled and stuff but we never kissed. Then I thought things were going to progress a little and he introduced me to one of his best friends. (this was a year later. we didn't see each other much but texted all the time) so anyways after after we all hung out (me with him and his friend) his friend hit on me through text. like really hit on me. then a few days later the guy broke things off with me saying that it was because we lived too far apart and we can't drive yet so we barley saw each other.

i was kinda mad and upset with him because I explained how we could make it work and he blew me off and forgot to get back to me. anyway me and his friend talked a lot after and a few months later we both like each other. is it wrong if we date?


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  • i would say as long as his buddie is ok with it, then its fine.

  • no, the other guy blew you off, so go for it :)


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