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Do you think I led him on? Would this confuse you?

OK. I stopped by to see a friend of mine that I happen to be attracted t.. We have been hanging out a lot lately and I guess stuff was just building up - IDK... Anyways, he was being extra sweet that day for some reason, and on my way out I just stopped, it was weird, I just got stuck.

Without thinking about it I asked him if I could kiss him...I asked cause I would hate for someone to just surprise me if I did not like them, and I guess just so I knew I was not doing anything to him. I know most people think it ruins the moment, but TRUST me, I think the moment survived.

As soon as I asked him I realized I was not actually prepared to kiss him, but I wanted to I general and it would have been more awkward to stop, well he took over anyways, so stopped thinking about it. We kissed way more intensely then I expected, for a while then all of a sudden, he stopped. Out of no where, basically said he really liked me and etc...& he would like to make love to me, but he did not think we should cause things would change. I actually thought he was not being serious, like maybe he was just testing me, I really did not think he meant it.

Do you think that was presumptuous?...Would YOU think I wanted to have sex ? - I was pretty shocked . it made it hard to respond. He was pretty adamant about NOT wanting to... Like he thought I DID, and he was warning me against it . I know him, he seemed pretty worried not like he was just giving a line {I really do not think he was trying to play me, of course I cannot be positive.}

I did not explain that I did not want to have sex, because it seemed superfluous, cause I thought he did NOT want to... So , we just started kissing again. I asked him again -seriously. Well, I wanted to make sure he was OK with it ,since he seemed kind of freaked out- it was very weird. As soon as he stopped kissing he would act all worried {I do not mean because we stopped}, but as long as we kissed he was totally relaxed...Can anyone explain that? We were kissing then at some point he kind of gently slowly guided my hand over his boxers, it was kind of like he did not want either of use to know. I could just be projecting though - I did not want to know. {Not in his pants he just had boxers on}

I stopped and said I had to go - which actually was true, I was only supposed to stop by for a minute. He was very cool about it,

What I want to know is, was that trick psychology, like was he just saying he did not want to, hoping I'd be like "No it's fine!" ?

If he was being genuine, did not want to have sex, why put my hand there?

Do you think he intended not to have sex, or go further, but he got caught up in things?

Would you have been confused If you were him ?

Do you think he would think that I was teasing him?

I was not trying to. I like him, but I only wanted to kiss him, and I

did not even KNOW that until it came out of my mouth.

Can anyone give me any perspective?

Do you think I led him on? Would this confuse you?
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