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Does he still care?

My ex-fiance broke up with me over the phone after 4 1/2 years we have been through soo much like his mothers death, my nursing school, his dad being an alcoholic. He ended up kicking me out of the apt. He said that he didn't know if he loved me the same way. Then a week later he started to date another girl. she ended up moving in soon after they have been dating for 4 months. After a month he came crying to me, saying that she wasn't me, that he lost weight, that he has taped our pictures back together (the ones I ripped), he said that he doesn't trust her and he is only with her just to be there, that he is not happy, he kept complaining about how he knows that she will end up cheating on him. But he won't leave her!... So I thought he started to realize he wanted be back, was I wrong the next day he said he was happy and he know he won't come back. I didn't contact him or a month, then he started to text me, he kept saying he needed time to "figure things out" and he wanted to be friends, he started calling me when his girlfriend was not around, I finally completely cut him off again. I'm tired of him making me feel like he still loves me. He keeps making excuses to why he is with her. he doesn't get that I will never be his friend? So I finally got the courage to text him this "u can blame all you want, but deep down I know that you won't give it a second chance. you don't care enough and I do. so do what you want and I hope one of these days that you realize that what he had was amazing and could have been amazing, but you let go and didn't have the strength to hold on a little tighter. I hope that someday you ask your self why you did this.u broke my heart into a million pieces and I know that I would never hurt another person like you have hurt me. I hope that you think of all the good ex's and not the bad, and how amazing we were together, if you decide to move on don't call or text because I will never be your friend. And when you do make ur decision, I don't know if I will be around for you to break my heart again, good luck on whatever you do and you will never hear from me again. Best wishes." he responded by saying, "i need time to figure things out I promise I will figure things out" I don't know he keeps making me feel like there is a chance. and I keep telling myself to stop hoping he will come around. I just need a male perspective on this situation. I mean how can you forget about someone after 4 years and change ur mind like you don't care. I'm tired of crying. I'm trying to move on and take care of myself and my needs, but its hard especially when you have been with a person that long, and by the way he has my name tattooed on his arm Chinese symbol of love.. tacky I know, we were suppose to get married after I finished nursing school. He dumped me when I needed his support.. I've done everything I could do and I'm sick of trying. I just need help.
Does he still care?
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