Why does she criticize me so much?

I really don't understand this behavior from some women that I have been involved with. It seems that some women like to criticize the little things. It doesn't really bother me but I am curious about it. For example I will say I like a band and she will say oh that's really gay or if I do something she will say why do you fail so much? I guess she may just be teasing but I don't understand it. Does it mean that she feels close enough to me that she does this? Kinda like a mom would criticize her child to show them love?


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  • It means that she assumes she has become close enough to you to rightfully dish all her abuse on you. I personally believe that these types of people would mistreat everybody if they were allowed to. From my personal experience I also know that these people often treat their loved ones the worst, while treating mere acquaintances and strangers with the utmost respect. They put up this facade so well that no one who isn't close to them would believe that they are truly destructive and harsh. I think you have entered a destructive relationship, and no, telling people that they are a 'fail' is NOT an act of love or a piece of goodwill advice, it is a demeaning comment made to make you feel guilty and belittled. Insofar these are only my opinions, not statistical facts at all :)

    - Now if she is actually playfully teasing you that's different, nevertheless she would then be doing a pretty lousy job in trying to attract you.

    You know what she may be? A female jerk. And if that is the case stay. away.


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  • The band you like is a matter of your own personal opinion. If somebody is criticizing your opinion, then they're either close-minded, or just being an asshole. Either way, it isn't a good thing.

    If she IS attempting to tease you (in a flirtatious manner), she's doing a poor job. Rather than keeping you interested, she's pushing you away by disrespecting you.

    A mom will criticize a child to show them how they can become better people and get better at what they do. She isn't criticizing, she's just blatantly insulting. If she can't like you for the person you are, she should just stay the hell away from you.