Why does this guy talk to others girls but not me?

This guy that I like at my school always stares at me but NEVER TALKS to me. When I catch him staring, he'll try to hold eye contact with me (he stares from across the room). My friends always tell me he's staring. He knows I like him, but sometimes I don't show it. I have no idea why he stares so much. One thing that concerns me is that he talks to all these other girls (not in front of me) & he flirts with them, but he can't talk to me! I worked beside him before & he never talked to me, he'll tease me when we're with another co-worker but alone he's quiet. Why can he talk with others girls & not me?


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  • I would def say that it is because you intimidate him. He thinks your cute or hot or whatever and would LOVE to talk to you but he is intimidated. I would suggest you talking to him first. Just go up to him and be like hey and introduce yourself. It will put him at ease. Just don't be forward. Don't be flirty. Just give him his chance then let him take over.