Why do I attract heavy set white women?

I'm an athletic shaped black man who has been said to be very handsome, very clean cut, cute smile( when not wearing golds). I'm attracted to black and white women . the black women I'm approached by are gorgeous, slim, & sexy. but white women that approach me are heavy set not to say they are ugly but I like slim and short white woman.


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  • There is a stereotype that black men like fat women, I've known many to perpetuate said stereotype so most women have no reason not to just assume it is correct until they meet someone that breaks the mold with such things.


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  • Forgive my use of the word 'fat,' I just have a thing against all the politically correct terms for it. Basically, fat women are told that they're unattractive. They feel terrible about it, because they feel like they'll never be in a happy relationship or anything. Then someone comes along and says, 'fear not! Have you ever noticed how black guys always say they like curves and ass?' so again, taking the politically correct 'curvy' which just means fat, and confusing it with the shape curvy which I imagine is what black guys usually mean, the message given is that black guys like bigger girls than white guys do. Whether it's true or not is another matter but that's what we're told.

    • Great answer. Totally agreed.

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    • Alright, Gotchya now. I'm easily confused...and yeah she seems to attract the jerks =\

    • Poor girl. I'm a child of one of these unions - my dad's a black man, my mother's a plus-size white woman. Though he started being arsey to her and wanted her to lose weight... then he divorced her and has since had a baby with an even fatter white woman, then married and had a baby with a skinny white woman. My dad just so happens to be one of the jerks lol, I don't associate with him much

  • IThat's mainstream around my neck of the woods, I really don't know why.


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  • I don't really know the answer bro. But when I go to porn sites, there's always a thumbnail of a black guy banging a really fat white chick. Never do I see a white guy banging a really fat white chick.