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Why do I get upset if my guy friend implies that he doesn't want me? Or does he want me?

I have a guy friend. he used to be a therapist and very good at understanding women. He called me today I was shopping. He asked me if I am buying lingerie and I said it's a secret. Then he said it's OK I don't need you to tell me. He said he is not nosy and he wouldn't ask these things to a girl unless he wants to date her and is interested in her. Then he added that this is why he doesn't care what I buy.
He Also said when he likes a girl he will let her know it. He told me that I like bad boys and that he isn't a bad boy but he is adventurous and exciting.

i've known him for a few months and I always liked his personality. Lately I am interested in him and he keeps me on my toes which is something I like a lot. I was never grossed out by him I didn't feel that spark immediately but as I get to know him he is very appealing and not just on a shallow level.

Hearing all how he would pursue a girl he is interested in made me feel jealous. I guess he is telling me that he doesn't like me. One time he told me if he liked me he would tell me. Now it makes me feel sad like why doesn't he want me and honestly it makes me want him more. I see a lot of traits in his personality that I like a lot in a man for a serious relationship. He also is a good guy and he has a quality character and isn't just trying to sleep with every girl. He told me he doesn't like casual sex he needs a connection too. He also told me that he knows how to please a woman and he isn't the guy who just wants to please himself and finish quickly in bed.

He told me I would have no problems finding a good guy. But I feel neglected. Is he saying that he doesn't want me and doesn't like me? he always tells me other guys like me but he never try to make a move he used to think I like his friend but I told him I don't like his friend anymore

help why am I feeling this way? Why do I want my friend and he doesn't feel the same way about me? Or is he p
Why do I get upset if my guy friend implies that he doesn't want me? Or does he want me?
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