Does he just want to fool around or really likes me?

I'm dating this guy but were not gf/bf. he understands I'm not having sex with him because I'm a virgin but we do do other stuff. we have talks but nothing serious like heart to heart and that's what I really want. almost every time we hang out we do stuff except maybe 3/7 or 8 times. don't get me wrong I like fooling around but I would enjoy and emotional relationship as well as physical


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  • Its hard to tell by the info you put down, but if he is okay with you not wanting to have sex and he still wants to further the relationship then most likely he really likes you.

    However with the fooling around it could be twisted a bit, what I would recommend is try not fooling around for a bit, maybe a kiss on the cheek or something, see how he reacts. Does he try to push you for more physical stuff, or is he satisfied with a little peck on the cheek if that is all you give?

    That will tell you for sure what he wants, a serious relationship or someone to fool around with.

    • So just give him a kiss on the cheek and see what he does? I'll try it haha

    • Yes, see if he tries to push you for more than that, if he doesn't then this is definately a "I want a reel relationship" if he tries to push then he just likes the way you kiss or something that you do.

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  • Is he dating other girls as well? If not then why not say you want to be in a relationship with him? If he freaks out then it's his loss and he obviously doesn't care about you. If he agrees then you have it made. Right now he could go and date another girl and you would have no say about it, that's not a good feeling. Talk to him.

    • His friend told me he is dating another girl but he says he isnt...he told me t=not to like him a lot so I think he just wants to fool around :/