Why do men get mad at you because you are mad at them?

My "friend" obviously knows he's royally on my f-u list because he's messed up so many times. The last time we got into an argument it was because he said some things about me that I was not suppose to find out about. So he's been calling me but I've been ignoring his calls, because knowing him it's not to apologize. So finally when I speak to him, you would think he would say sorry? Nope..Instead he gives me attitude! Wth does that mean?


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  • Ignoring is reason enough for any guy to get mad at you.

    But more pertaining to your question, it's under the philosophy whoever is shouting loudest is the person that's right, who gets the last word wins the argument, etc. etc. It's basically a defense mechanism so they do not have to feel remorse, or try changing themselves (even if for the better), since that would require effort, and would give no returns for said effort.

    Basically yeah, people are assholes, every last one of them. It's the non-assholes that get punished for it though.

    My ex knew the one thing I needed beyond all else is to talk so we both can come to a understanding. So whenever she got made at me, she made sure I knew and then refused to talk about why, she does this tactic even when she does something deliberately to hurt me and I get mad at her over it.


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