Why does he still call?

we broke about a year ago but I'm still in love with him. he calls me almost every night, even though he has a girlfriend. he claims that I'm his "best friend" and he tells me everything but why doesn't he understand that when he talks about his girlfriend it's like a dagger to the heart. why does he still call me? why am I still in love with him? is it normal to still be in love with someone who dumped me almost a year ago? I've been having a really hard time with it =[


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  • It sounds like, imo, that he still has leftover feelings for you too? I mean, it seems strange that he would call you every day and claim that you're his best friend. Shouldn't his current gf,like you said, be the one that is his best friend? What are your phone conovs like,btw? Do you guys flirt/ talk romantically, or just casually? I'd say that you should ask him about it. Does he still have feelings for you and why he calls you so much. Best of luck, this must be really really hard on you. :(

    • While on the phone, he makes me laugh constantly and he always mentions all the intimate stuff we used to do. when I ask all he says is that "you've become my best friend and I feel so comfortable talking to you and I can basically tell you anything and I know you'll just listen". at times I have hope but then I'll read like one of his tweets or a Facebook post and it'll be about his girlfriend and then all my hope has vanished and I find myself crying or upset. its extremely hard =[

    • That's kind of strange. It sounds like he wants the best of both worlds, you, his long-term girlfriend, and some other girl too. I still wonder what would happen if you just told him that you still had feelings for him and that talking on the phone to him like that was really hard and that something needed to change. I still think that he's got to have some left over feelings.... Why else would he still mention all the intimate thing you'd do?

  • It is normal to be having left over feelings after their is no longer a relationship, but the truth is as long as you cont. to communicate with him on a daily basis destroying those feelings are merely next to impossible. The fact is that he's still hurting you very much, either ask him to keep his new girlfriend out of the conversation or give yourself some time to heal by cutting contacts for the time being untill you are fully recovered :)

    • Cutting contact is much easeir said than done. we dated for about a year and a half and he became my best friend, I am in love with him and honestly, I don't know if that'll ever change. I can't date a guy without comparing them to him or without feeling guilty. why does he still call? if he has a new girl than why not call her? why can't he just see how much it hurts me?

    • He dosnt see that it does hurt you which is why you have to explained that to him.