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Women, how do you show that you are interested in a guy?

First of all, this is before you have even talked to the guy. ie: walking on campus, grocery store, street, bar, club etc.

What are the initial signs you give out? It is very confusing for us guys!

Also, here are some situations that have happened to me, but I'm not sure if they are interested or if I'm just weird?

1. I have seen many times girls look at my eyes first, then check me out from head to toe. Are they just looking at my clothes because I know girls are into fashion, or are they straight up checking me out? Many girls and guys (gays) say that I am very attractive.

2. Eye contact. This confuses me the most. Some will just STARE at me. I can't tell if it's because I'm hot or weird? I've had times where we are staring at each other for like 30-40 seconds until they or I look away. Others will keep looking back at me, but as soon as I catch their eye they will look away quickly. I noticed some younger girls, if I pass them on campus they will kinda trip... like their footing while they are walking isn't stable right when they are about to pass me. Are they nervous from me?

3. Sometimes I am walking and a girl is walking towards my direction, right when she is about to pass me or if I catch her eye she will flick/toss/fix her hair or they will pull out their cell phone outta no where and read a text or something on it. But sometimes I'll see them walking towards me FAR in the distance but right when she is close to me that cell phone comes outta no where, I don't recall hearing her phone vibrate/ring. Is this just coincidence or is she showing off to me because she is attracted?

My friend that is really good with women says that most of these are signs that the girls are attracted, but I still don't believe him.

Would be grateful for any feedback! Thanks!
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Would be grateful for more feedback. Just curious if there are different signs for different age groups? Also, if I look at a girl looking at me and she flutters her eye lashes... that's also a sign right?

Women, how do you show that you are interested in a guy?
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