Why suddenly he started acting like this?

At the beginning he was really nice to me, we used to have nice conversations because we share same interests and hobbies. He was writing to me on fb. We started to flirt but he is a flirty person, he flirts with every girl, but i liked at least to have him as a friend but now he changed without any reason. He stopped responding to my messages. He calls everyone for going out except me ( we have the same group of friends ) And he started teasing me a lot, he will only say something bad in playful way but we never have a normal conversation like he has with the rest of our friends. When i start complaining about his teasing he will just hug me or say to me that we talk that way because we like each other, but we lost our communication I started to fell uncomfortable in his presence, I don't talk to much with him because he is always saying something awkward. I'm really confused


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  • He likes you. Pretty obvious.


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