Help please. Does he like me or not?

Were good friend for a while, and we have gotten really close. He is really nice to me, he calls me love or sweetheart or honey and I know he just says this but when Im sad he says when ur sad Im sad. Also we kissed and I said that he means too much to me to lose him if we break up, so we decided to stay friends but than we kissed again and one thing lead to another... and were still friends but when I found out his friend likes me I told him and he was like ofc he does I mean look at you.. ur pretty and smart and nice and than he asked if I wanted to be with his friend and I said no cuz I like him, but I dont know if he likes me or does he concider me just a friend.
  • He likes me but he feels like me and doesn't want to mess up our friendship
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  • He likes me and he is just saying that he wants to stay friends cuz I said so first
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  • He doesn't like me and he thinks of me just as a friend
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