Girls why would she flirt with him behind my back and act interested in me in my face?

Long story short. Met her few months ago o started flirting first, she was acting shy but she kept touching my arm with her arm. Next time she saw me she ignored me, i was nice with her. I saw her with a guy at the mall i told myself maybe he is a freind she was staring at me and ignoring him. Then she started to folow me around staring at me whenever she sees me at work outside work. Then i went to her smilling she acted shy but she was laughing at everything i say. Then she started to say hi how are you first act happy to see me get spechless when i look at her eyes, she look down and act shy when we are alone, or when she sees me outside work she would smile and look down. she helped me a lot. One day another guy came she was freindly with him she ignored him and gave me her attention. Then behind my back she was flirting with him playing touched him. I got so pissed and confused so i ignored her but she was staring then when she saw me outside work she stared right into my eyes, she even tried to hangout near my place once and acted like she didn't see me. Im so confused now what does she want from me?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She could be keepig herdoptions opened or playing hard to get. So many things go on in the brain. Ask her what's up.

    • I can't i dont want to look stupid if she really does like him.

    • I dont think its playing hard to get since its behind my back she didn't think that i would see her, maybe u right keeping her options open in other words she is using me.

What Guys Said 1

  • People are allowed to like more than one person more than once. Maybe she's trying to make you jealous.. I don't know. It doesn't even matter. No point in over analyzing.

    Did you even make it clear you're interested? If you like her, than ask her out.


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