Is my crush flirting with me?

Always smiling and staring but when i catch him he looks away , when we chat he lowers his shoulders or try to stand in away that make him shorter cuz am short..

The conversations are simple , fun but slightly awkward , he's talktive and outgoing but around me he gets slightly shy and nervous , he trys to open conversations by asking questions but when i answer he just stares and dont go on with the conversation which makes it awakward

Last couple of days , he teased me a lot , i was chatting with a guy and he came by , raised his tone and said that i should stop talking nd go back to my work " in a fun manner " .. he also gave me long playful side smiles.. after that he tried to poke me with a pen while i was super busy.. then laughed at my reaction

He teases me but when another friend try to teases me he stands by my side and defends me..

Is he flirting with me? If he's interested why just not make a move nd ask me out?


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  • Maybe he is just not gained enough confidence? I don't know. I think that he is funny and has energy but he is kinda afraid of getting into a relationship/asking you out. I'm that way and when I'm sure that i got that one girl, i will move away... Sadly

    • Why would u move away?

      And wut should a girl do to show she's interested?

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