How do I deal with this?

I like this guy and I'm in high School I have a feeling he likes me back but he's shy type and so am I we've never dated anyone els but there's this friend of mine bitchy one who's trying to get him and she knows how much I like him how do I deal with her to back off and how to make quick moves so he doesn't end up with her because she's a good player and I know nothing of this game.
P. s don't tell me to outright ask him just give me clever moves to encourage him that he won't get rejected by me


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  • if he likes u then u don't have to worry about that girl but u do have to make some move for sure he won't wait so long.. keep eye contact and give some clues i know being shy is horrible and it's hard to make real step so if u want to make it u have to create some courage and try to be with him any time u can and ask open questions ))))


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