Added on Instagram does this mean anything?

This girl added me on Instagram yesterday. She's really cute and I find her attractive. I've never spoken to her, but she goes to my university. Her suitemate is kind of dating my suitemate.

Does her requesting me on Instagram have any possible significance? I mean I've never interacted with her before. I've interacted with some of her friends but I've never even formally met her. any thoughts? She's just so pretty


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What Girls Said 1

  • Lol, It usually doesn't mean anything but if you really like her than you should probably say something.


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe, maybe not. Girls have their reasons for adding people, and that's mainly to build a massive network to increase traffic to their content.

    She has her core group of friends and a lover here and there. She's fulfilled and has no reason to reach out. It more so has to do with building her network seeing her peers build theirs.

    I mean, this girl that gave me so much grief and misery about two years ago followed me on Instagram a few months after I left the job. This was the same girl who ignored a call and a few texts and never explained anything.

    Of course, I rejected the offer. Take it for what it's worth. A number on social media, and a like on her new photo. It takes more than that to make something happen.


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