If an older guy asks for your snapchat is that good?

i asked if he was going to the game... he plays varsity he's a junior and i'm a freshman. i feel like an annoying little kid most of the time:((((((


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, it's good. Probably this was just the first time and will happen more often as you get older.

    • I've only talked to him in person lol is that weird

    • once in person****

    • You see each other just at school, right? He probably wanted to talk to you during the day. Let's see if he texts you and how often he'll do it. Perhaps it was just a friendly thing, perhaps there is more there.

What Girls Said 1

  • He would know me for long. I don't have anything but gag!

    • I've talked to him once in person? is that weird

    • Nah if you want tell me just message me! I can help you! I kinda know everyone on gag! haha unless of course they are new!

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