How do you figure out if a girl is just messing with you or likes you?

Iv'e been texting a friend of mine quiet some time now and she sends lots of hearts etc. and in person she'll make heart hand gestures to me and stuff like that. Whenver I jokingly reject her she acts sad. She knows I have a crush and keeps asking if I'm still interested in her.

But whenever I ask her out to do things she always cancels at the last moment for stupid reasons, she has no hopes for me like saying stuff you'll never be able to get that job. And she keeps telling me I should take out a friend of her who she says has a liking in me.


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  • It seems like she is kinda a fuckgirl, if you get what I mean. Honestly I think you should get over her if she says that you have no hope in getting a job, its not worth it. Cause she is probably just messing with you.


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