I told a guy he was cute and his response is confusing?

i messaged the guy I like on facebook and I said " hey " he responded with " whats up?" I told him and asked him the same thing he responded him answer blah blah So im sure he thinking like why is this girl messaging me so I said " i know this is randon but to be honest i saw you today and thought youve gotten pretty cute so what the hell ill message you." he said " thankyou" the conversation went on some more than we went to bed that day i saw him for the first time in years and we were in a group and we chatted but only for a couple minutes. I have no idea what he thinks and i do want to get to know him better and im gonna see him around more and more any tips on what he thinks about me or howto "wiggle " my way into his life lol thankyou.


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  • try to talk to him in person next time, get face time in there.

  • so what's your question?

    • are there any ways that I can "wiggle" my way into his life like i dont want to message him again i already did that and we chatted i dont want to come across " creepy" so how can I put the effort into trying to start something without coming across 'crazy" I know this probably doesn't make sense its five am sorry lol

    • word of advice, never say anything like that over text. at least he responded. it loses context so may not have known what you meant. do the same thing, but in person.

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