Does he like me.. or am I reading his signals wrong?

My guy friend who I've known for a few months has been baffling me. I'm not sure if he likes me.
This is a little long, I apologise. I shall summarise it in bullet points, please let me know of your opinions :)

1. He often says my name about, sometimes using my nickname and my last name in a sentence. For example, let's say my name is Katherine Aniston.
"Don't be stupid, Kat Aniston"
2. He maintains eye contact with me when having conversations, not intense.
3. He often says "Shut up Kat." in a joking manner, even when I'm not speaking sometimes and he will look at me with a smirk/smile on his face.
4. He once made a funny remark about me, and I gave him a long "death stare" during this he kept eye contact, and then winked, and maintained eye contact afterwards.
5. When I do something silly he will say "What have you done now Kat?" or "Oh my God! What have you done?"
6. He will often glance at me or in my general direction, sometimes even looking at me when I speak to someone else, (I can see from the corner of my eye).
7. Sometimes when I have a smile on my face, he will notice, and ask when I'm smiling about, no one else tends to ask as they do not notice.
8. Sometimes when I let out a small laugh, he will looks instantaneously in my direction, and then look away, this often happens a lot.
9. He ONCE, touched my face softly, not in a caressing fashion, but this was done on a night out with our group of friends, he also touched my upper back twice lightly.
10. He has a toy gun, at which at any given opportunity he likes to shoot me with it.
11. He had recently started mimicking what I said such as "where did I fork, that's what you sound like" in a joking manner
12. If he says anything that he believes has upset me when he meant it as a joke, he will apologise and make sure I know he was joking and didn't mean it.

He gives me more attention sober than drunk.. Not consistent behaviour?
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  • I would be more forward if it were me. Does he look at other women when you're together? From what you've given I would say "Just Friends." If you have more info I'll update. Peruse mine if you get the chance.

    • He tends to give me the attention 80% of the time in our group of friends that consists of 3 girls and 3 guys. He would a lot of the time also stare at me for a reaction and then have a smile on his face when he sees me looking.

    • If that's the case then I might lean the other direction.

  • hun your looking too hard keep it simple men are simple

  • He likes u


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