Girls, would you date a guy who rejected you before? Guys, tips?

Say you are suddenly good looking enough or successful enough in another way and that guy who rejected you before is now suddenly interested?


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  • I've rejected girls and tried to get back with them. Usually that's just out of shyness as to why I rejected them.

    Guys and girls both may reject someone who's not making money, doesn't have nice clothes, etc. but once they do that same person wants them.

    In that situation I wouldn't take them.

    • Could a late 20s guy really reject someone out of shyness? Why?

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    • Oh. It could yeah.

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • In the rare occasion that I have the privilege of doing the rejecting, it's probably because there's no shot. Not even in a "best case scenario".

    She could never be fit or rich enough to change my mind, because it has to do with personality.

    If there was a chance, I'd take it. Even a little chance.

    For a girl changing her habits (perhaps going from obese to fit), that might draw interest but for the most part, it's the personality that seals her fate.


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