Guys, What'd you think if I introduced you, as my friend, to someone after some small flirt/talking and its the 2nd Day of knowing you?

After just two times in class together, im interested in you and try to flirt. I smile and laugh at your jokes. I show interest in you and try to learn about what brought you out of state. Then I introduce you to someone I know that passes by, and she ask's "who is this?" I then say "oh this is my friend (you)," - You respond with a slight tilt in your voice "friend?" My friend then responds, oooh he's cute, you two should go out. I blush and turn away, not daring to look at my crush. I attempt to ignore the comment and continue on with the conversation, asking more about you, secretly im wishing! YES go out with me!

... thats what happend to me any ways, and im wondering did i say something wrong by introducing him as my friend when I dont yet know him? I was just trying to be friendly, but he obviously was thinking something... what do you think he meant when he repeated "friend" ? help me out guys. What do you think my crush was thinking, when he said questionly "friend?"


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  • I would not get bent out of shape but perhaps he was confused. I'm guessing he felt the chemistry too and was thrown a curveball when you called him a friend. He probably wants to avoid that title. You have to give him a few more hints that leave no doubt. We are pretty clueless. Check mine I think you'd be of help to me!

    • hey im new, and i think i accidently down voted your post when i meant to up it. Can you repost something and i'll vote it up. Thanks!

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