Is this a way of asking me on a date?

My guy friend who I like found out about a restaurant on a beach and after he looked it up online he said "We have to go there sometime soon" We're both working all weekend so we can't do it now. And right after we figured out we couldn't do it he asked "What are your plans for tonight? wanna go with me to find somewhere to get dinner?" Unfortunately other friends found out and decided to invite themselves as usual because they heard him ask me and assumed they were invited too, but while we were walking we went ahead of everyone and started having our own conversation. Is he hinting that he wants to go out? He's shy so that could be why he didn't directly say it was a date. He also asked me to come over and watch a movie with him sometime and he agreed everything I said that night whenever other friends were around and disagreed with me
He's also shown signs of liking me before like looking at me from a distance and playfully teasing me


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  • He is trying to move your relationship to the next level and was trying to ask you out. If a man tries to "break you away from the pack" it's a classic sign that he is interested. Check mine!


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