Is it better to send a girl you've only spoken to twice and not sure if she likes you back a pic of pretty lighting or pic saying you are beautiful?

  • Pic of pretty lighting on its own
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  • Pic of pretty lighting and say what it is
    Vote B
  • Pic of cute cartoon character saying "you are a beautiful person"
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  • "B" for Baffled her, dear, Not sure what the 'Lighting' is all about but with This, make sure it is a Really Unique Pix so you get her Attention that could Bring on Some... Sparks with it.
    Too soon to Compliment and wait to see if More in Store with just nice convo that will tell you if you both Have... Chemistry.
    Good luck. xx

    • Also worth noting I've sent her a happy new year message which she blanked.

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    • Nope.

    • Hmmm... Move on before it is a Another... New Year, dear. xxoo

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