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Okay so I liked this guys and he liked me back (for a year an half, but he didn't ask me out cuz he was away for one year) , but now he just started to fade away and it hurt me but now I'm over it... but we still talk twice a week , the more I see his name pop on my screen I sort of get hurt so I thought of ignoring him ! But I hate ignoring people without giving them a reason so shall I tell him to that we should stop talking or shall I try my best to ignore him?


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  • I'm not sure what you mean by he "started to fade away," but it seems like you two are still friends if you talk twice a week, though it seems like you still have feelings for him.

    Does he know you have feelings for him? If not, I suggest you at least tell him before you shut him out, it's not only polite, but he may share feelings for you as well.

    Otherwise, I find it interesting that you can't even talk to him without feeling hurt. Do you feel wronged in some way? If sounds like you're at least frustrated with his behavior. If you want ZERO chance of closure, then ignore him. But if you want, at least, some chance at working things out, you should talk with him about how he makes you feel and why you don't want to talk anymore.

    • Okay so like 'he started to fade away' what I meant was he stopped trying ! He used to be really funny and he used to care about how my day was and would talk about it (which I do as well) but now its like he doesn't care at all :/ but I still ask him and once I tried so hard I literally felt like a damn question paper:/ and he's got this ego and I used to find it alright but now its abit annoying ! Cuz if I complement he'll be like "em duh you don't have to tell that" and he doesn't even say thanks nor does he apologize anymore... And yes true I do like him still, through his flaws but if I open up I'm scared that he'll take it for granted...

    • I see. Well, I still stand by you at least telling him how you feel. Even if it doesn't lead anywhere, at least he will know your reasons.

      Whether you choose to ignore him completely is up to you. For me, I never ignore people, but I will make less of an effort to communicate (if I have issues with them), but if they want to speak with me, I will always respond in some way.

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