How to make guys come up and talk to me at parties?

People say I'm one of the top 5 prettiest girls in my grade so I don't think people consider me ugly but I have been to several parties and no one has ever asked me to dance or ask for my phone or anything. They just go straight up to my party buddy (she's not necessarily my friend, we just hang out at parties). She is not that pretty, honestly. I mean, she's not ugly or anything but she dresses more provocative so I'm guessing that's how guys approach her. But I'm really not interested in any of that stuff. I just want to wear what i feel like wearing and I never feel like wearing a mini skirt or mini shorts. So, how can I get a guy to ask me out or ask for my number? Should I do more eye contact or something? lol I think I sound really stupid, sorry


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  • smile at him from across the room so he knows you're approachable, he may be intimidated bc you're so pretty or walk up to him have fun don't be shy


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