How do I not seem lame around older guys?

Older guys always ask for my snapchat and i like older guys but im a lame freshman, im uncultured and dont know how to flirt (and i can;t talk to them in person because like i said before im lame) how do i get over my fear of talking to boys my friend got drunk and said him and his friends talk about how hot i am is that good or bad?


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  • Depends how old you're talking about. People in their 18+ to say mid 20s have different views on life, as in, what the fuck am I going to do to get a good job when I get out. Also, they have a different view on relationships usually. Ask more about the guy you're interested in. Have a view on social issues that affect the next generation such as the environment or the economy. The older you get, the more worldly issues have an affect on your life. So if you get more interested in these things, you have a little more to talk about. Or just be more assertive in the way you flirt. Be more open about your interest in the guy you are pursuing as in more touching (not necessarily inappropriately). If you open up more about yourself to an extent, guys will be more attractive to you because you will be easier to talk to or they feel like you are more down to earth and chill. Don't worry so much on your looks but more on your conversational substance. You are already hot, so don't worry about that. Just be yourself more and you'll get the right guy.

  • You don't have to worry about sounding lame. It's your body and consent that they want.

    • hahahahahhaah what if theyre a prude i mean at least thats what I've heard

    • Guys are generally always after sex, so be on guard.

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