I have a huge crush on a guy I barely know. At first it seemed fine, but now he's been ignoring me. Why is that?

I've had a crush all year now. We share one class together, and are in the same grade. We have a few mutual friends, one that I talk to about him.
For me, I'm a quiet/awkward person. I don't talk much in class, mainly to my friends. People consider me quite smart. I love punk/rock music and anime. I hate pink, dresses, the cliche/girly things. HotTopic is like a second home to me. This year I've joked a lot on sarcasm and logic.
He's not quite the same. He's louder, and talks a lot in class (He's asked logic and 'what if' questions, which makes me pretty happy). He's more into rap. He's usually wearing Under Armor, Nike, Aero, etc. To me he's realy funny. My friend says he can be a jerk but I haven't seen it.
Last year, he barely paid attention to me. But starting this year, I got a bunch of glances (with his eyebrows raised). I found it kind of adorable. It would happen every day. But he'd never approach me. Considering me, I couldn't think of saying hi without feeling like a freak. We did get to talk when our class had a review game. He ended up sitting next to me, and told a few jokes that we both laughed at. He seemed happy, so I thought he couldn't hate me. I felt oddly calm talking to him, just freaked out later. But nothing happened after; just back to staring again.
Soon it was winter break, and I couldn't get him off my mind. I decided on trying to befriend him, but when we got back he started ignoring me. No glances at all. I feel like I'm a burden, and so I've tried to distance myself, even If I suck at it. What could I have done to do this? Now, for some reason, I can barely look him in the eye. Friday, I almost got caught between him and his friends in the hall, so I hightailed it out of there. How could I get things back to normal?
(Also, one day I looked at him and he was staring right next to me, and he literaly froze. As long as I stared, he didn't move. I feel like I'm getting a few side-glances from him now, but no direct staring. is that weird?)


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  • This is what iam now doing to my girl. Actually he isn't avoiding you. Its your imagination. He is confused whether to propose you or not. He loves you and want to propose you. But since you being a friendly character he also doubts if he is reading wrong signals and will become a laughing stock in the class. Also his friends who know about the love might have frightened him about aftereffects since you 2 are in same class. Now I dont glance at my girl when she looks at me because I don't know what to do. At same time, my mind is full of her. For her iam not looking at her. But i notice everh amall detail about her. I really miss my girl. The only way to break the ice is by you taking first move. Let him know that you are interested. When get a chance, ask him anything random. Dont care even if its rubbish. He will pick it from there.


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  • Maybe write your number on paper and give it to him.


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