Girls, How attractive is a good conversation with consistent eye contact?

I'm wondering how much this really matters to women. I'm a good looking guy, not really in shape, but still pretty far from fat. There's this girl I've been talking to recently. She's pretty quiet, so I've had to start and pursue our conversations, but I feel we both enjoy them and we have things in common. Even though we've only met recently, we both maintain steady eye contact with one another while speaking.

Does this sound like we might have some chemistry, or is it just my wishful thinking?


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  • Sounds like chemistry to me. Ask her out.


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  • To have constant eye contact is strange. Sometimes you get lost in the conversation because you're focusing too much on eye contact. Its an old myth about keeping eye contact. Conversations should be animated, not focused.

    • That's interesting, but I don't think it came off as strange. So what's your opinion on this then? "Strange" could be an unusual chemistry, or that the impression I left is that I'm completely bonkers.

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